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I find it very inconsiderate they make most things for small people... Tiny things can fit in things designed for big things, but big things can't fit into things made for tiny things.

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um you guys


this is the culmination of the entire history of classical music

Forget these “Cheezeburgers” Laurence, for I am a Classicmeow Pianist!

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Listen here you little shit; wanna know how I got these birthmarks?

Listen here you little shit; wanna know how I got these birthmarks?

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Thermochromic table by Jay Watson

imagine banging someone on that table

imagine being home alone and seeing imprints on that table

noooooo stop

Imagine having a friend sit at that table for a long while, but when they get up there’s no imprints at all.

What if you got up after trying to console a crying friend, and found that you had no imprints… and they were crying because they missed you?

aaaah it was a cool table now it’s a horror/drama story

Damn it Tumblr

For me being anywhere near this table would just make it look like a normal wooden table… too much body heat

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Blurred Lines (Reversed - Read Description)

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I was mucking around with Audacity, listening to songs in reverse. For the fun of it, I put on everyone’s favorite song, Blurred Lines. And shockingly, I heard something I had never expected to hear. Robin Thicke was fooling us this whole time. He wasn’t trying to be misogynistic, he wanted us to listen closer to the song and understand that he in fact does believe his lady partner needs to be treated with the utmost respect.

You might find it VERY hard to believe, but I implore you to listen very closely (with headphones if you can, because it can be hard to hear). The message I’m talking about comes in around the 30 second mark.

After the 30sec mark I just kind of stared at my wall for the rest of the song trying to accept what I just heard.


oh my fucking god.

Never did I expect to hear something so damn CREEPY in a song like this, I remember when I was younger it was quite popular to hear things like this - or to hide things in reversed songs…

Going out on a limb here, but what if other artists are doing this as well? Are we moving back to a time where subliminal messages was a popular way to try and subvert a generation? What is it doing to our kids minds?!

To hear such - there is no better word - disturbing words in a song makes me shudder to thing what might be hidden out there, in plain sight just waiting to infect the minds of our younger generation; hell it even infects mine! Hours later I can hear the words in my head…

Give me Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart any day; the beauty of their songs carries across generations. There are no hidden messages in those beyond those which are created by your mind as you are transported purely by sound alone - pure, unaltered music you can feel in your soul. 

You need to hear this, the statement is real and unforgiving. They are out there and they want you to work for their sick agendas. Never take things for face value anymore these days, with the technology we have you can twist anything - pictures, sounds, even what we feel emotionally… It’s truly scary… Will I find our favourite kids nursery rhymes actually hide a sinister message..?

"Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky, twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are?

Mummy dog playing with her babies :D

Mummy dog playing with her babies :D

When my girlfriend suggests sexy time

When my girlfriend suggests sexy time

I would love this watch

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Mineral Monsters

Decided to toss them all into a photoset for convenience. It was a fun week!

Sources: Mineralists, Friends of Minerals Forum, Wikipedia Creative Commons, You Flaming Brute

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The fantastic cosplay of Lunnaya Nadedja

Cosplay truly is an art.

Awesome Cosplays! Love the Rapunzel one

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Watch the full video

Big kitties :D

Naww, the little feet kicking!

Naww, the little feet kicking!

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sizvidTL;DR : Watch this incredible story in video

I always love reading this story, no animal is born “evil” or “dangerous” - there is always a situation that calls for their actions